AMLI MidTown Miami

AMLI MidTown Miami

City of Miami, Florida


2021 Florida Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects Design Award Winning Project

2020 Muse Design Award Winning Project, Gold Award

Moments of respite in large global cities like Miami are treasured because they are rare. In an urban environment every outdoor space matters. At AMLI MidTown Miami landscape architecture helped create a lush, mid-density neighborhood, spanning three city blocks in the heart of Miami. It is an urban transformation of a former rail yard logistics hub made more powerful through landscape architecture. In the era of COVID-19 restrictions perhaps forever changing urban life, AMLI MidTown is a new expansive environment for living in the middle of Miami.

AMLI MidTown is rich in its range of special moments to discover; enclaves that transport people somewhere else, deep in sustainable and substantial planting. The 6.6-acre site accommodates over 700 apartments in 3 separate mid-rise buildings. The landscape design entwines plants, hardscape and water with the architecture and program, elevating the project above a typical high-end lifestyle development. The power of landscape at AMLI MidTown lies in the set of spaces strung along the complex that create a whole experience, linking residents to the city while also giving them their own private Eden.


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AMLI MidTown Miami Site Plan