City of Weston, Florida


2019 Muse Design Award Winning Project, Platinum Award

2019 World Architecture & Design Award Winning Project, 1st Place

Botaniko represents a new direction for landscape design in the fairly homogenous master-planned community of Weston, Florida. Located half-a-mile from the city’s border with Everglades National Park, the 120-acre development of 125 single-family homes is designed as an ecotone where the wetlands biome and suburban community blend together.

Surrounded by narrow waterways, this underutilized site was polluted by arsenic-laden herbicides and required intensive remediation. Unlike other developments in the region, Botaniko was designed primarily with native plants, selected to match those of the Everglades, to create a drought-tolerant, diverse landscape while providing the required sense of lushness. Dense green buffers create natural habitat along the community’s streetscapes, parks, lakes, and perimeter.

The landscape architecture for Botaniko complements the distinctive contemporary residences. The free-flowing, organic aesthetic emphasizes open space and the natural environment rather than one of overt human intervention. As our culture moves away from highly manicured landscapes that require enormous resources to maintain their clipped green perfection, Botaniko provides an alternative that increases native biodiversity and balances development with environmental concerns.