City of Weston, Florida


2019 Muse Design Award Winning Project, Platinum Award

2019 World Architecture & Design Award Winning Project, 1st Place

Botaniko, as the name suggests, is a community where the outdoor environment & lush landscape takes center stage. One of the strategies of smart growth and sustainable communities is to promote infill development, Botaniko adopts and embraces this concept. Botaniko is located near the edge of the Everglades National Park, in the City of Weston, Florida. It is a 123-acre master planned residential development with 125 modern home sites.

Botaniko was envisioned as a suburban ecotone where the Everglades biome and a residential community merge and blend. Influenced by proximity to the Everglades, Landscape Design Workshop recognized the importance of water and used it as a key design feature.

The master plan includes reconfiguration of the lakes while maintaining on-site storm water storage and connectivity to existing off-site lake system. The design incorporated entry features, roads, lakes, lot layout, streetscape, perimeter buffers and parks. Landscape Design Workshop provided project coordination throughout the lengthy entitlement process that also included re-platting, site engineering, cleanup and remediation.

In this project Landscape Design Workshop distilled the essence of the surrounding environment and used it as a guide. What emerged from this investigation was a resilient community featuring strong relationship between modern architecture, open space and water.

Botaniko Flythrough