Ritz-Carlton Residences

Ritz-Carlton Residences

Singer Island, Palm Beach, Florida


2019 World Architecture & Design Award Winning Project
3rd Place

Mirror-like water surfaces merge with breathtaking ocean views to set the tone for this luxury seaside resort. The project was developed on a 9-acre ocean front site located in Singer Island, Florida. A podium level connects two 27-story towers built over a parking garage. This podium level accommodates the porte cochere arrival area, a 50,000 square feet resort amenity deck and a restaurant. The site also includes five ocean-side bungalows and a beach access walkway meandering through restored coastal dunes.

Landscape Design Workshop used water surfaces and lush seaside planting to connect the resort with the surrounding coastal environment. Entering the site, the visitor drives up the entry ramp ascending to the podium level. The entry ramp is lined with stepped planters, creating pleasant rhythm as the driver approaches the arrival area. Once at the porte cochere, the visitor is greeted with the sound and sight of cascading water.

The resort deck is made up of terraced levels, stepping down towards the ocean. The upper level is located over a parking garage and is divided into two primary zones, the restaurant palm court and the rectangular pool deck. These 2 spaces are connected with a walkway, forming a long axis of sight lines leading to the fantastic ocean views.

The lower terrace features a second pool. Contrasting with the upper level pool and influenced by the proximity to the ocean, this pool is free formed with an infinity edge. The terrace is graded in such a way to conceal the perimeter security fence and to provide uninterrupted views of the ocean. This lower terrace provides a connection to the beach and the beach-side bungalows. The restored dunes provide a buffer between the lower terrace, the bungalows and the shore. The coastal dunes were planted with native vegetation that included Sea Oats, Beach Sunflowers, Blanket Flowers and Railroad Vines.

In this project we used water, lush planting and a terraced amenity deck to create a seaside resort with a tropical character. Restoring the coastal dunes was paramount in blurring the lines between the new development and the beach.



Ritz-Carlton Residences Site Plan


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