Erez Bar-Nur, founder & lead designer of Landscape Design Workshop, is a passionate landscape architect with a life-long interest in exploring the interface between people and their environment. Throughout his two decades of practice he continues to create outdoor spaces that invoke feeling of wonder and delight. In his atelier, Erez crafts spaces with simple lines yet strong presence designed to enhance the residents’ well-being through the visceral enjoyment of experiencing the outdoors.

Erez traces his design aesthetics and philosophy to an early fascination with the urban landscape of his youth; an ecosystem of tightly knit mid-rise buildings and the interconnected green spaces in between them. Later on, these early experiences turned into a desire to create outdoor environments that are uniquely informed by their specific location, and more significantly, are weaved into the fabric of their particular surroundings.

Erez earned his Master of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Michigan. While at the University of Michigan, Erez served as Adjunct Faculty at the University’s Residential College teaching a course titled ‘Energy & the Environment’. Erez developed this course to introduce the basic concepts of energy together with a deeper understanding of the effects of energy production and consumption on the environment. The course also surveyed a wide range of possible solutions to the energy challenges facing our society.

Erez Bar-Nur designs residential communities that are consistently recognized for creativity, sustainability and innovation in the field of landscape architecture, or as described by the Muse Design Awards Program ‘designers whose craftsmanship shift paradigms’.