Landscape Design Workshop is an award-winning landscape architecture and planning design studio located in Boca Raton, Florida. Our atelier studio specializes in designing resorts, resort-like communities and mixed use projects that embody the tropical lifestyle experience. Our work enhances the residents’ well-being and quality of life through the visceral enjoyment of the outdoors.

We have consistently won design awards for our work. These awards include the American Society of Landscape Architects (Florida Chapter), the Architecture MasterPrize™ and the Muse Design Awards, among others.

Our design philosophy is to immerse ourselves in each project with purposeful dedication. To that end, Landscape Design Workshop focuses on a select and limited number of projects running concurrently. This way we can concentrate on maintaining our high standards of design, client-oriented service and ensure project continuity from concept to completion.

Master Planning:

We help our client craft the vision that will guide the new project. During this exciting & exhilarating phase we explore, study and analyze the project site and the different ways to implement our client’s program. This process culminates in a master plan that is guided by a clear vision and lays the foundation for the entire development. As part of this phase we help our clients with planning & zoning submittals as well as other approvals, permits and entitlements.

Landscape Architecture

We balance and harmonize the art and science of shaping the outdoor environment. We create spaces that inspire the residents to enjoy and explore the outdoors and forge a connection with the surrounding environment.We design spaces shaped with purpose, lush with plantings and accentuated by compelling surfaces and light.Our designs provide a strong and unified community identity and civic value to enhance the residents’ well-being and quality of life.

Re-Imagining Communities:

We view communities asecosystems. In these ecosystems residents interact with each other and with their surrounding physical environment. Thesephysical environments include the buildings and the open spaces around them. Much like ecosystems, communities are dynamic, they change and evolve over time. Buildings that were designed decades ago ought to change and evolve as well. Landscape Design Workshop re-imagines communities’ open spaces. We study, evaluate and design outdoor rooms and open spaces to match the residents’ current lifestyle requirements and to integrate them into the fabric of the community.