Pro Landscaper Magazine Interviews Erez Bar-Nur

January 5, 2022

(City of Lafayette – January 5, 2022)Pro Landscaper Magazine interviews Erez Bar-Nur, founder and principal of Landscape Design Workshop, in its January 2022 issue. Pro Landscaper asks quick-fire questions to gain a small insight into the people who make up our industry.

What inspired you to get into the industry?

What drew me to be a landscape architect is the love for the outdoors. The visceral enjoyment that you feel when experiencing a forest, or the ocean, a river, or a desert. When the elements surrounding you, the weather, the terrain and the vegetation combine together to create this experience. I grew up in an urban environment and early on I realized that this feeling of visceral enjoyment can extend to urban spaces, a courtyard, or the spaces between buildings. This is something I carry with me to each project I work on, the idea of enjoyment of the outdoors and exploration.

Newest gardening trend in your opinion?

I think that there is an increased appreciation for quality outdoor spaces. Following the pandemic experience, we all know too well the importance of outdoor spaces to our basic well-being. There is an increased interest in expanding our living rooms into the outdoors, creating an indoor-outdoor dialogue between architecture and the surrounding garden space.

What advice you have for those starting out in the industry?

It might sound banal, boring and repetitive, but always follow your heart. If you do something you love, then most of the time it wouldn’t feel like work. The key to success is to work hard. And if you fail, work even harder. And lastly, find a mentor that you respect and can teach you the craft you wish to learn

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About Landscape Design Workshop

Landscape Design Workshop is an award-winning landscape architecture and planning design studio located in Boca Raton, Florida. The atelier studio specializes in designing resorts, resort-like communities and mixed use projects that embody the tropical lifestyle experience. Landscape Design Workshop aspires to enhance people’s well-being and quality of life through the visceral enjoyment of the outdoors.

Erez Bar-Nur, , founder and principal designer for Landscape Design Workshop, served as Project Lead Designer. Erez is a passionate practitioner with a life-long interest in exploring the interface between people and their environment. Throughout his two decades of practice he created outdoor spaces that invoke feeling of wonder and delight.

Located at 621 NW 53rd Street, Suite 125, Boca Raton, Florida, Landscape Design Workshop may be reached by calling 954.772.0724, , or by email at