Banesco USA Headquarters

Banesco USA Headquarters

City of Doral, Florida


The new Banesco headquarters in Doral, Florida, is envisioned to be a beacon of modernity and sustainability. The native landscape design aims to reflect the region’s rich ecological heritage while promoting biodiversity and environmental stewardship.

Envisioned by Landscape Design Workshop, the grounds is a tapestry of indigenous flora, creating a lush, inviting environment that supports local wildlife. The design incorporates a variety of native trees, shrubs, and groundcovers that are well-adapted to Florida’s climate, requiring minimal irrigation and maintenance.

The landscape not only provides aesthetic appeal but also serves as a living example of eco-friendly practices, with habitats to encourage pollinators. This approach aligns with Banesco’s commitment to community and environmental responsibility, creating a space where nature and commerce exist in harmony.



Banesco USA Headquarters Plan