Village of Royal Palm Beach, Florida


Open spaces are woven into the fabric of this master planned community, designed to inspire the residents to connect, appreciate and enjoy the local environment.

The 250-acre site is located in the Village of Royal Palm Beach, Florida. We interpreted the site as a bridge between urbanization and wilderness. Consequently, the design primary goal was to resolve the tension between these two seemingly opposing concepts. To achieve this goal, open space was used as the common denominator. Landscape Design Workshop used a series of inter-connected open spaces to create a thriving residential community that is both rooted and immersed in the surrounding environment.

Landscape Design Workshop provided landscape architecture and planning services including master plan studies, final master plan and site plan approvals through construction documents. The design included entry features, roads, lakes, streetscape, perimeter buffers and lush planting. The 2 mile long perimeter buffer is planted with native vegetation reducing water consumption, increasing environmental diversity and providing wildlife habitat.



Portosol Site Plan